No one’s life is perfect, and you might even say that it’s important to have problems arise so that in fact you can find out what your strengths are when you are stretched. But not everyone finds their way easily through these difficult moments.


I have worked for twenty five years helping others define and try to resolve their problems. As a psychotherapist I found it very useful to use also my Clinical Hypnosis training to bring deep relaxation into my work. But it wasn’t until I developed my own copyrighted technique, The Core Energy Technique, a mindfulness technique, that I felt I was able to offer something which could clear problems once and for all. It cuts through doubt, confusion and stress resulting in you feeling a fresh clarity and self  confidence.


For example, one of my clients, a senior executive, had problems about eating in public and felt unable to swallow. It was easy to trace back the problem but it took the CET  to break through the habit of panic he had suppressed.


The Core Energy Technique is a simple two step format.

It is aimed at those who prefer a shorter and  more self-regulated  alternative to counselling or psychotherapy.


You can either buy the CD or have personal input from me.



Personal Sessions with me

Three sessions  are sufficient to learn the technique.

PLUS you receive two very good Relaxation Techniques

PLUS you receive my input into clarifying for you your problem area and how best to approach it.


Further fine tuning from me at any point thereafter is also an option to take up at any time.

I also am available on SKYPE.

Cost of each hourly session is 90 pounds.




B.Ed. degree, University of Edinburgh

Diploma of Psychotherapy, London

Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis, London


I have worked in London and Edinburgh with both individual and business clients (for example B.P., Standard Life, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland).


“Complete freedom- not freedom to do what we like, that is not freedom, that is triviality, but to be free from all pain of anxieties- it is our responsibility to bring about a radical transformation in ourselves.”

J Krishnamurti



The Core Energy Technique is a simple technique which rids you of whatever is negatively affecting.
You focus on the problem… and the technique takes care of it.
You are left feeling clear, calm and uncluttered.


It is particularly helpful for people who have great difficulty in making decisions or making big changes.


For businesses, using The Core Energy Technique has been helpful in clearing the high degree of stress which many in management positions have been weighed down by. This has then freed them to make decisions more easily.

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See my Shop to look at the different packages which I suggest or you can decide for yourself how many sessions you feel are right for you.


This is an addition to my CET where I add my
intuitive skills more deeply.
I work empathetically with the client so that I  send in the
Core Energy Technique .
In this way extra understanding is gained,
helping to resolve the problem.


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See my Shop to find one of my packages to suit you.

  • Core Energy Technique calms me down when stressed and isolates a problem from the buzz of thoughts-that’s when clarity and new answers arrive.

    Anna C, Writer and Broadcaster

  • Studies consistently show that clarity---of mind, vision and decision-making---is the single most important quality in an effective leader. When I found myself at a crisis point, what Cassandra did for me with her Core Energy Technique was nothing short of life-changing. The positive response from within myself as well as from others responding to me has been profound.CET is a must for the 21st Century Leader.

    DL, Global professional, Washington DC, USA

  • I have found that the Core Energy Technique is helping me to have confidence in my natural and instinctive way of living and dealing with the difficult and sometimes distressing situations which have arisen in my life. It continues to help me, under the guidance of Cassandra Struthers, to deal with emotions which could, if left unresolved, ultimately diminish my life and prevent me from experiencing my life’s full potential.

    J G, Non-Executive Director

  • Stress is no longer an option.

    IAS, University Student

  • Cassandra’s unique programme of development, The Core Energy Technique, has helped me to refocus so that I have greater clarity in handling my commercial affairs.

    JRS, High Risk investor


I have developed these to cover all the stages necessary for handling your life in the way that best equips you to get what you want for yourself. They take into account the need to be calm as well as giving you the tool to forge new ways. It’s up to you to choose.


These I have planned to aid new insights into the thinking that underpins everyday practice. The intellectual shift comes from orchestrated exercises engendering a natural probing beyond the commonplace. There is a balanced mix of individual and group input; in other words good communication based on a level of trust and respect. Not all companies have the creative ability to understand this but when they do, the work place becomes an intriguing and successful domain.

Here is my CD "Breathe Easy" where I talk you through everything you need to use the technique fully.
It leads you from a mind focusing exercise onto a deep relaxation and to the actual technique
as well as an exercise to help you move on from the past. I commissioned the music
especially from a Scottish musician and I hope you enjoy the whole experience.

Breathe Easy CD

  • Breath Easy CD delivered
  • Complete guidance on the technique, including an exercise to help your concentration as well as one for relaxation.
  • Plus 1.20 P&P

Staying Focused

  • Single track download
  • Helps clear your mind

Breathe Easy

  • Single track download
  • Instrumental

Breathe Easy

  • Full CD download
  • Complete guidance on the technique, including an exercise to help your concentration as well as one for relaxation.

How I got here

My work as a psychotherapist and then mentor over the past (almost) thirty years has taken twists and turns as I have gone through varying life experiences.    

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