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A New Spring in My Step

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Is it coincidence that as we hit the first days of Spring I am experiencing a flow of fresh energy endowing all my undertakings with an extra level of focus and “thoroughness”. 


The word “thoroughness” may seem a bit strange, or boring, but thoroughness demands energy and having been a bit under the weather lately, I am relishing the physical effort I am able to make and still not feel tired. Could it be the Manuka honey?No, I don’t think this can account for such a quantum jump in my well being. I am feeling good.


I think the change of light helps; waking up to a brighter world after the winter darkness must resonate with the brain. It is like escaping from Plato’s cave and our consciousness can be drenched afresh with the brightness of the sun. But I am reminded that we need ENERGY to enjoy life and ourselves. I am relishing this extra energy flowing through my body and my brain but I wonder to myself “how can it be here today and not have been here the previous weeks?” Has it always been here …and if so why did I not feel it? It must be ME who has changed. So what have I changed about ME?


I think I know; my inner landscape has changed. I have been doggedly working on a little set piece which I stumbled across out of the blue. This was an unexpected memory emotion from my past which I had hidden so well that it truly took my breath away when it flashed out at me in full technicolour. It was very simple and made a great deal of sense… and I would never have come across it in my conscious mind. Only through my daily mindfulness practise, and using my Core Energy Technique, I have unearthed a block which has been affecting (quite subconsciously) my view of life and my innate responses. You don’t dig up a deep block like that though without sundry repercussions. It’s like digging up old pipes which have been rusted and contaminating to their surrounds and so there has to be quite a clean up all around. I had a certain amount of de-toxing to do, so the word “dogged” certainly fitted.


And here I am today, feeling the benefits of these excavations. I realise again how it is US who are blocking the flow of energy. The philosopher Henri Bergson (1859-1941) suggests that everyone moves through life moment to moment utilising an ever-shifting combination of the various planes of memory. He holds that we have an interactive relationship with the universe so that under the surface we help to create and shape our experience of ourselves and others rather than being seen as nothing more than “atomistic cogs in a mindless, uncaring, mechanistic universe”.


I definitely like this view of Bergson’s that we have a part to play in living our lives more creatively and that to do this we have to pay attention to the part of our consciousness which is outside the “habitual” mind. This brings brightness to my day. It is good to know I am in good company.


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