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The Art of Dressing

stella jean


It is very important to feel good about yourself. There are two ways I take this seriously. I meditate daily, using my own mindfulness Core Energy Technique along with a special body relaxation technique. Secondly, I love dressing myself in clothes which I enjoy. For me, I have to feel “right” with what I am wearing. This means that on one day an outfit will be fine but the same outfit on another day won’t work because my mood is different.

I can never plan an outfit as I put together outfits according to my intuition . This can be a bit tricky as I only buy what  appeals to me so that sometimes it can take a bit of time to find the right top, or whatever part ,to work with the rest of the outfit. I promise you , it has sometimes taken years! Always worth it though.



stella jean


It is always exciting discovering new designers, although I stay very faithful to my first loves. Leafing through a Sunday mag  a particular  dress caught my eye and  I saw it was by a fairly newly recognised designer called Stella Jean. It turns out she is based in Rome and is half Haitian and half Italian and at the age of 34 has turned from modelling to designing. She believes in sourcing local fabrics from underprivileged areas and using artisan weavers and embroiderers; but her clothes are also sophisticated as well as beautifully colourful. I love her clothes and am looking forward to seeing her winter collection.

One drawback though is the cut of some of her designs. I found the waist and hip dimensions to be very narrow compared to the top, so had to buy a bigger size to have my seamstress then make quite a lot of alterations. I wonder if the new season will be differently sized; I can’t think I am the only one to have this problem. However because I find her clothes so exciting I am even prepared to overlook this.





There is something very moving about looking at a dress (or any piece of clothing) which is put together so that it speaks to your heart. I remember having tears well up as I looked at a particular frock by Yohji.

The beauty of said article flew like an arrow straight into my heart. I have no idea intellectually how this happens; how the lines and fabrics of  a structure can come together to bring about this result of a quickening of the pulses and a sense of soaring in the heart and mind.

This is what art does.



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