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Being The One


Doing my simple numerology additioning I arrive at the fact that 2017 equates to the number 1. My immediate response to this is…ah that means self responsibility; in other words being true to myself.

Instantly an encounter with the husband yesterday is called to mind.”Do you want me to come or not?” he says to me strongly.( He was harbouring a cold and feeling very fragile and thus was erring on the side of irritability) “I don’t care” I retort in an equally strong vein.( We are talking about him coming out to a social meeting with me.) The moment I say that , I feel relieved. I don’t care that I may have sounded mean. I must say though that early readings of books such as Pollyanna plus later additions of New Age thinking formats have much to answer for in making one feel guilty if one is being less than obliging to others. It is important to step outside the formulas and find your own individual goodness.
Self responsibility means attuning to one’s own truth and acting on it.

As my dear old friend Krishnamurti says:

“You cannot depend upon anybody. There is no guide, no teacher, no authority. There is only you, your relationship with others and with the world. There is nothing else. “After all , he says, “Positive thinking is always in the groove of our own conditioned thinking” (Polyanna etc. – time to go to the refuse heap). So, positive thinking means to step outside of the formulaic ” good” and find it independently instead, in a fresh and free way. Time to stop acting in the way you think you should and start being who you really are.
By the way, about ten minutes later, feeling mellower, when I called back the husband , he was happy as Larry sitting in front of the fire and just resting up. So speaking your truth is really a win-win; somehow it lets the other person off the hook.

Somehow each person has to find his\her  path to undo the blocks of the past which are conditioning our responses to our present. We each of us need to stand up and “Be The One ” to our own selves ; be  responsible to our own truth.

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  1. marla_in_the_oc - January 27, 2017

    One of the things I often tell myself — you know that interior pep talk — “You are responsible for your own happy.”
    The thing is you have to reach beyond the rational talk and find a way to release the stuck emotional reaction. C

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