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Betwixt and Between

cassandra struthers


I am feeling a bit restless.

We made the decision to relocate  back to the warmer climes of the south … but I can’t find anything to which I want to relocate. The trouble is that we absolutely love our penthouse. To get into real estate jargon,  it ticks all our boxes. We have copious amounts of space and light and when it’s chilly, the most human friendly of fires … and, weather permitting, a very private outside space. If wished, one could be an extremely comfortable hermit here.


Perhaps this restless spirit is not helped also by the almost carniverous energy of a machine nearby which, with its jagged teeth, is crashing into and tearing down a block of buildings. I felt compelled to view this at closer quarters and have to say I felt quite a surge of raw energy watching this monster at work.It is so exciting seeing something so apparently strong and big being reduced literally to a pile of broken up stone. If the building had been more beautiful in the first place I might have felt some sorrow for it, but in this case I feel more eagerness in contemplating the possibilities for its successor.





So, the world around me is changing … well next door to me. Of course, not to forget the big vote which has just been made on behalf of Scotland’s identity, so yes , the world around me is changing. I have to say that I rather liked the idea of seeing how Scotland would develop were it to be an independent nation. There was a rather sombre atmosphere in town after the “No” vote triumphed but it was energising to see how for a moment, everyone came alive with an interest for politics and a sense of possibility of change.


It seems that  both I and Scotland are a bit Betwixt and Between.

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