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A Box of Jewels

cassandra struthers business cards


I didn’t expect this.I unwrapped the paper round the box.


“Your cards have arrived”, said Sam, “and they look good”.


We had been through quite an intense process of trying to work out what appealed to me, what my truth was, in order to express all of that in my new logo design. I had had a few wobbles along the way, but choices had been taken and decisions made.


cassandra struthers business cards

cassandra struthers business cards

cassandra struthers business cards


Now here is the end product; the dye has been cast. Oh no I didn’t expect this. I have taken off the paper  and have lifted the white plain lid of the box containing my cards. But there aren’t just cards stacked inside.






The Glasgow Press have boxed up the cards into beautiful separate coloured boxes of fifty apiece.




They sit there like different coloured jewels waiting to be opened, each with a cut out frame on front showcasing my beautiful card.





My heart leaps; the attention to detail but also the beauty and the thoughtfulness of such presentation makes this package, my special package, seem even more special. It is as if the Glasgow Press is saying “we love you and your cards.”




The Platonic writings come to mind about truth and beauty; yes this was how deeply I was struck by such thoughtfulness of design. They went the extra step and made a thing of practicality into a thing of loving collaboration. They showed appreciation of my cards  by sending them to me nestled in a home of empathetic design.


Cassandra Cards collage


I could make all sorts of metaphors here about mutual workings together from one’s own inner truth resulting in a greater and more satisfying outcome for all concerned  but there are times when you just have to let something speak for itself.



Thank you Glasgow Press and thank you Sam.

| Details for Glasgow Press can be found HERE


  1. Rosemary Shaw - June 9, 2014

    What an absolutely lovely surprise! All the more special because it was so unexpected, things that exceed expectations are indeed rare these days. xx

  2. Cassandra Struthers - June 9, 2014

    Thank you Rosemary

    Moments like these although not always guaranteed, are what makes them all the more enjoyable and sweet.


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