No one’s life is perfect, and you might even say that it’s important to have problems arise so that in fact you can find out what your strengths are when you are stretched. But not everyone finds their way easily through these difficult moments.


I have worked for twenty five years helping others define and try to resolve their problems. As a psychotherapist I found it very useful to use also my Clinical Hypnosis training to bring deep relaxation into my work. But it wasn’t until I developed my own copyrighted technique, The Core Energy Technique, a mindfulness technique, that I felt I was able to offer something which could clear problems once and for all. It cuts through doubt, confusion and stress resulting in you feeling a fresh clarity and self  confidence.


For example, one of my clients, a senior executive, had problems about eating in public and felt unable to swallow. It was easy to trace back the problem but it took the CET  to break through the habit of panic he had suppressed.


The Core Energy Technique is a simple two step format.

It is aimed at those who prefer a shorter and  more self-regulated  alternative to counselling or psychotherapy.


You can either buy the CD or have personal input from me.



Personal Sessions with me

Three sessions  are sufficient to learn the technique.

PLUS you receive two very good Relaxation Techniques

PLUS you receive my input into clarifying for you your problem area and how best to approach it.


Further fine tuning from me at any point thereafter is also an option to take up at any time.

I also am available on SKYPE.

Cost of each hourly session is 90 pounds.




B.Ed. degree, University of Edinburgh

Diploma of Psychotherapy, London

Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis, London


I have worked in London and Edinburgh with both individual and business clients (for example B.P., Standard Life, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland).


“Complete freedom- not freedom to do what we like, that is not freedom, that is triviality, but to be free from all pain of anxieties- it is our responsibility to bring about a radical transformation in ourselves.”

J Krishnamurti


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