posted on January 27th, 2017 | in Changing Perspective, Krishnamurty

Being The One

  Doing my simple numerology additioning I arrive at the fact that 2017 equates to the number 1. My immediate response to this is…ah that means self responsibility; in other...

posted on December 29th, 2015 | in Changing Perspective, Travel

Mountain Power

  A three week visit to South America seemed a good way to celebrate our twenty fifth wedding anniversary. Machu Picchu was definitely going to be the star of the...

posted on October 18th, 2015 | in Changing Perspective, Musings, News

Holding On Fast

  I am listening to a Syrian refugee talk about her situation having reached the island of Kos. She is alone with her son; her wish is to give him...

posted on September 9th, 2015 | in Changing Perspective, Mindfulness, News

Finding The Sun

I woke up this morning full of energy and full of beans and yet I found myself musing how subtle are our moods; in moments we can find ourselves shifting...

posted on July 20th, 2015 | in Changing Perspective, Musings

What’s New?

    What’s new? A good question. In fact I feel stymied by this question I have just asked myself.  

posted on June 10th, 2015 | in Changing Perspective, Mindfulness, Musings

The Rusty Link

    No matter how  well maintained all the rest of the connections are, like the lights on a Christmas tree, it just takes the one to snarl up the...

posted on May 26th, 2015 | in Changing Perspective, Core Energy, Mindfulness

Changing Perspective Is Dramatic

    We all know that making changes can be a variegated experience. Your horoscope for instance, can spin out phrases such as “it’s now time to take stock and...

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