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Changing Perspective Is Dramatic


cassandra struthers


We all know that making changes can be a variegated experience. Your horoscope for instance, can spin out phrases such as “it’s now time to take stock and make the necessary changes”


It all sounds so straightforward. But I find that other people are not always so amenable to flow along with said action. There can be the tricky part that because the idea hasn’t come from that person, then it’s an imposition. Cue … a variety of discussions aimed at explaining the reasoning behind need for change.


What about one’s own inner resistance to change? The mind might be rational (willing) , but the human need to play safe might be stronger still. Interestingly, I surprised myself the other day by coming across a very unexpected “comfort zone” moment. My daughter was trying to instruct me in some simple (judging by the amount of eye rolling on her part) steps for social media. I found myself moving from easy banter and quickly cascading down into a kind of panicked freezing of all mental faculties. I was in a place I didn’t like and I did not feel at all happy about it. In fact things had degenerated to the point where she threw up her hands and said that perhaps I just should not bother since I obviously wasn’t prepared to try. Nothing could have been further from the truth but that’s how it looked on the outside.


I left the room and went off to have a think about the way I was feeling. I realised that this must be a classic “comfort zone”moment ;this person I had become was unrecognisable. I couldn’t throw off the paralysing feeling of being completely stupid. To the outsider I looked as if I wasn’t interested in learning this new step when in fact I was having to find a way to be open to a new learning. This was serious stuff.


I had to sit down and look at this part of myself which had so taken me by surprise. Of course my way to do this was to use my Core Energy Technique. I won’t go into  all the ins and outs but I managed to get to a more relaxed place where my brain started to unfreeze and my natural chutzpah started to come alive again. “Yes, by God, I would lick this thing! I would learn how to do this.” I had looked at backing out completely and saying this kind of thing wasn’t for me, but that didn’t leave me feeling good.


Later when I approached the situation I was more relaxed and more able to say what I didn’t understand. I was still not completely in that wonderful zone of comfort but I didn’t feel so bad about it.It had been a real moment of pain for me but I managed to change my perspective .


cassandra struthers

The Flow of Balance


How does that moment of change come about? I often think about this when I work with this mindfulness approach. Inherently, we must have an understanding of ourselves which surpasses the fractured view which is blocking us. Somehow, by looking squarely at what is causing discomfort, a way forward metamorphoses; I suppose like looking at a crossword.From one moment to the next a change in perspective has been gained, and once made you cannot undo it. You have achieved a new balance. It is another little eureka moment.


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