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Core Energy Plus

By chance I added this part to my CORE ENERGY TECHNIQUE when I was doing some work on my father.


In my early twenties, I discovered that I had what is called “healing abilities” and for a time I thought about practising these for a living. Apart from the fact that this is not the easiest way to make a living (it’s not the most straightforward thing to tell people that you can heal them just by waving your hands around) it is also quite exhausting. Also the rational Scottish side of my nature found it a bit unsatisfactory, so I found myself instead studying psychotherapy as a more intellectually appealing alternative. However, over the years I have found myself doing bits of healing here and there although I didn’t think too much about it.

It was only when my father was diagnosed as having a recurrence of cancer of the oesophagus that I started carrying out regular healings on him, he being deemed to be too old for more chemotherapy.


cassandra struthers core energy technique


One day I discovered that the healing seemed stronger when I worked using The Core Energy Technique, so from that point on I worked with it in tandem.

I then decided to work the other way round, and used the intuitive aspect of my healing work when working with The Core Energy Technique in mentoring sessions. This gave me extra insight into the client’s difficulties and also I found that I was able to give extra help by sending in the healing energy accompanied by the Core Energy system.


Cassandra Struthers Clarity of mind


With some clients I have sat in complete silence for between half an hour to an hour working on them in this way and they have felt the benefits. So I suppose in a way, I have come back to using my healing work but working with the mental level. In some ways this all sounds rather bizarre, but it works.

I was able to help extend my father’s life for over a year beyond the prediction of doctors and he died peacefully at home having had no pain and no medical intervention of any kind. In terms of mentoring work, this extra method has helped people who at times were stuck at a particular point and were finding it difficult to motivate themselves to make changes.


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