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From Crisis to Clarity

cassandra struthers


It has been two weeks since I flagged up my confusion and misery about the whys of so many disparate acts of brutality and unjust pain in the world. Not great fun to read and certainly not great fun to be experiencing but that was what had hit me

… like a bolt from the blue.

I have been working my way through this unwelcome cataclysm and I am now standing in a very different place. In fact I am marvelling at how different my life now feels, given that I am inside the same skin.

I think human beings are really rather extraordinary in that they have this capability to use mental techniques to bring about clearer states of mind.


cassandra struthers


As I wrote in my two previous posts,

// Here and Here //

I have thankfully had some skills with which to work with this deeply painful incident.


Of course I was always aware of viewing it from the standpoint that no matter how painful it felt, it was a necessary part of my development. And so it has proved. I think these difficult moments in our lives are absolutely normal and necessary if we are not to stagnate. This does however rely on us having an acceptance of a bigger picture and being prepared to work through the “painful stuff”.


Slowly  as the pain eased , I felt a  growing calm and clarity… and out of the clarity, a sense of peace. I have to point out that it was a very important step for me to let go of  long held beliefs. I think perhaps that many of us are unaware of just how many unexamined beliefs we build our bedrock of life on. In fact an unexpected outcome of this shift has been a great sense of freedom.

This fresh step I have taken has led me to a place where I feel even more respect for how human beings can shape their lives.

It is all down to C H O I C E .


cassandra struthers



We can choose the “easy” route and live a largely non-individual existence, or we can choose a more “difficult” way.


This second choice is by no means always pain-free but it is the way of LIFE, and of fulfilment. When you step out of your old beliefs, you are then working with f r e s h energy.

After all, this connection with energy  I S  L I F E .


This is starting to remind me of some writings by Sri Aurobindo … but more of that another time.

Meantime I have certainly made my choice.



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