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Fire and Ice Collide


It throws up a powerful image, fire writhing against the frozen matter of ice . What will give way first? Of course the ice will melt; but how densely packed is the ice? Will the languid wetness  slowly douse the furious energy of the fire? And what of the  intensity in such a battle , in the moment by moment interaction of such opposites?






This is no mere trifling day dream on my part; I am fully involved in this battle.I am the reluctant participant in a solar extravaganza. Mars and Saturn are apparently fighting for space in my astrological chart right now and it seems that neither wants to give way. Can you imagine what this planetary jostling is doing to earthbound me? Let me start to enlighten you.

First of all, a little astrological instruction. According to the Vedic Healing site, “Mars is the  hot planet of aggression, ambition, competition, action and conflict. Saturn is the cold planet of obstruction, challenges, delays, discipline, responsibility, and adversity.” Therefore in this  particular jostling for power, there is a stop-go action where so many things are tried and there are so many obstructions at every turn.

I am not normally given to astrological musings, but I was feeling so stymied by everything on Saturday (a meltdown might be the description) that my husband came to my rescue and contacted his Indian astrologer/guru on my behalf. Charts were pored over and the reply came the next day. Apparently for the last eight years my chart( I am Libran) has been under the influence of this very unsavoury coupling. Well, knock me down with a feather, my first blog, covers that time span when I am talking about working through some extremely stressful times. And it isn’t over yet. There are crumbs of comfort though, as from next month there will be an easing and a tilting towards breakthroughs.


Mars & Saturn image.

Mars & Saturn


Given though that I try to find a transformative slant to whatever is happening to me , or others, it is important that I make sense of this . I don’t believe we are here to be victims of circumstance, no matter how powerfully blocking and demoralising those circumstances. Definitely patience is one of the attributes to be learned from such apparently adverse circumstances, along with resilience. Also, allowing yourself to express and recognise raw emotions  like hate and anger and sheer frustration is a must .When you allow yourself to be honest without judgment, it is an oddly relieving thing.

I think that many others must be going through such scorchingly unmitigating times like these , but it does help to know that there is an external play of the planets interfacing with our internal subterranean impulses.It shows us if anything that we are not living  in isolation and if we can make sense of the various ingredients we  have a chance at experiencing a life greater than the sum of the parts.So to all of you who are knowingly, or unknowingly, going through a Mars,  Saturn confrontation, do your best and find your way through knowing this is probably one of your most powerful learning experiences ever.


* Image Source: Vedic Healings


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