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The Holy Grail Chess Game

cassandra struthers

You have to keep the reins tight in this game. The moves are paramount.


Your starting point is NOW. If you are feeling a tad underwhelmed (or just plain fed up) with where you are at right now as this year approaches its end then you start this game off with the ONE ALL IMPORTANT QUESTION.


Just one thing. Be honest, not rational. Let your gut reaction direct you.



Okay, you have decided you want to make this change. What step will you have to take now to start the change happening?

Whether it’s your weight you want to change, your job, your relationship, your car…you will have to apply some organised thinking. (Keep those reins tight) Get on with it.

Maybe you just need to change SOMETHING about your job, relationship, etc. What is that something?


How are you going to change it?


SO, you have had the conversation … maybe it has led to some improvement in your circumstances. Maybe, you feel better now. BUT, if you don’t… if not enough change has happened, time for the next move on the board.



This is your life … no one else’s . You are the one to make it happen. More drastic change required. Do everything you can now  to make that change happen. Follow through on all your ideas. Make your moves… and don’t worry about the other player. Keep true to yourself and play your best.




You know what change you want, but the minute you start thinking about it, THAT VOICE comes in. The voice that doubts; doubts that you can do it,  or doubts that you have a right to do it.  Why should you expect any more in life? It’s not too bad really. But you know better. However, the tight rein doesn’t work and THAT VOICE keeps on being heard.


So the next move has to be an internal one; the change has to happen inside first. You have to let THE VOICE go. But how do you do this?


You could try AFFIRMATIONS; e.g. I am a strong confident person enjoying making changes in my life.” But this doesn’t always release the full extent of the “sting”. And what is left is still having a deleterious effect.


A more potent move is required; further action is needed. You need to bring out the big guns. You need to get strong. You can seek out a therapist, a coach, a hypnotist. Whatever works for you.


cassandra struthers


I found my own way; my own technique, “The Core Energy Technique”.  It’s brief and  it works. You gain clarity over your thinking and  confidence in your decision making. You can buy the C.D. “Breathe Easy” or download it from my site, so that you can be instructed in the technique.


In this game your opponent is Fear, and you outmanoeuvre this adversary by facing it square on and shadowing it until it gives up. The game takes as long as it needs to take, but if you don’t give up, you will win through to the end.


The important thing is to find your own “Holy Grail”; your own raison d’etre.


That means getting to the point where you are asking not what you need to change but instead what  you wish to keep on doing.

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