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No Expectations

Door in Sunlight


Strange I find myself writing this after a recent post I wrote with the title “Great Expectations”.


I was working with a client the other day using The Core Energy Technique when I was asked also to add my Core Energy Plus technique. For those uninitiated in my forms of practice, this means me using a form of intuitive work on my part along with my Core Energy Technique. In this way, I “pick up “on particular emotional blocks  in the client and work with them, applying my technique.In this  case, I saw that  what was needed was  a way  for the client to” keep on taking relaxing steps” rather than trying to take any other proactive steps in terms of  trying to shape an outcome. This client had anxiety feelings rise up when in any unstructured situation; where there was no set “plan”.


Crown of Daisies


found myself photographing this little patch of daisies …

and what did I see afterwards …

can you “c” it?


It’s interesting to stay in that place of ongoing relaxing; to seek nothing and to impose  no expectations on yourself. Something happens then. You are giving space for your real momentum to break through … instead of the old habit response automatically kicking in, which of course is generally some form of anxiety.


This real momentum is your natural confidence. I am struck at this point about the fact that so many people believe they have to strive for success. There are many workshops and books based on this stratagem.

Why would you talk about “succeeding ” as if it were somehow something out there beyond yourself that is not natural?

If you relax into your true relationship with yourself, you are automatically fulfilling what is right for yourself. There then is no such thing as success or failure.


  1. Judith - May 21, 2015

    Cassandra,this post has come at just the right moment for me,last few months has been a hectic non stop round of house hunting,head bursting with no results!! Time to stand and smell the daisies,yes I see the “C” .Thank you:).

  2. Cassandra Struthers - May 21, 2015

    Judith … Glad you connected with what I was saying.
    I empathise with the house hunting frustration; I am going through the same thing. What a teacher eh?
    I took a photo of the daisies just thinking how sweet they were and then when I looked at my photo later I saw the C …. kinda nice!

  3. Jazzy Jack - May 21, 2015

    Exactly what I needed. Now to implement it without striving to relax!

  4. Cassandra Struthers - May 21, 2015

    yes … It’s not easy to forget about the goals.
    Good luck.
    All Best . C

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