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Not Even Lipstick

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I am emerging from the parallel universe that is called “illness”. Nothing is quite the same when you are ill. You try to be the person you normally are, but when you don’t recognise the person in the mirror(due to chalky wraith-like features), it is a bit undermining to that air of sang froid.


It has only been two weeks… or I could say, it has been TWO LONG WEEKS. Your world shrinks in this other universe. When the challenge becomes one of having enough energy to stand up for ten minutes to make a cup of tea, this impacts on your world view. You become rather fascinated by the workings of your body… especially when there are wheezings and rattlings within the chest cavity.How can such alien activity so suddenly take up residence ?


Such visitations happen always unexpectedly, such is the nature of things. At one moment you are blithely using your body as a completely taken for granted force of nature, not for one moment stopping to think about how well it is doing on your behalf. And then the next moment it is under attack from an invisible force… in this case a virus.My poor friend; I try to be very understanding at first, but my patience is sorely tried. However, I am learning to keep on listening and to try to give it help in a way that is congenial to its needs. Of course for me this means NOT western medicine, superb as that medium is for diagnosis and surgery. Oh no, I stand firm against my husband’s entreaties (he is having to do some cooking while I am ill!) and issue shopping lists for my complementary medicines. Echinacea tablets , two taken every two hours, and Manuka Honey (30 strength) do the trick.


sweet potato chips


It is extraordinary to feel the body responding and to be getting stronger and to feel the illness receding. How does it all work? What is the message of ill health? For myself, I do not believe in coincidence,and as I said in my last post, there is always the esoteric, the inner understanding. The physical and the mental/emotional are all connected.

A little bit more patience has been learned on my part, along with the lesson of this particular bodily illness. I listened , I meditated and, eventually, I understood.

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