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A Parabola of Peace

Cassandra Struthers


The restless energy of last week has coalesced into an arc of sublime stability. 


As I gingerly look to my inner landscape, with relief I find no knots or tangles, but rather a warm wind of wellbeing pulsing steadily. I relax into this and find myself in a place where once again I can walk forward with clarity and inner calm. Yet again, I realise how important it is to stay true to your feelings, knowing you will eventually come through to a deeper and richer enjoyment of what your life is about.


It’s a bit like looking for the right picnic spot

….”What about here?…. mm …. no …. not quite right …. let’s keep looking ….  just a bit further”

(and knowing there is a growing grumbling in the ranks the longer it takes). But then you find the right place and suddenly all is well as you throw down the picnic rug and with relief put down the  ever increasing weight of the hamper and cool box. Suddenly all the  uncertainties disappear and you get on with enjoying the picnic and the place.


Cassandra Struthers



So as the season changes and cools into Autumn, I find myself happy to be changing over wardrobes, even though it seems no time ago I was bringing out my summer finery.


paola piglia


It is rather pleasant also to be reading on Facebook and other blogs how others are also going through this little seasonal ritual; there seems to be a certain amount of clearing out and clearing up going on.


christian lacroix


Yes, I  too have discarded; one cardigan and one book to be precise. This is one case where I do not liken my wardrobe to my inner  state of consciousness. Here I have been throwing out old habitual concepts willy nilly (A Crisis of Belief) but I feel no need to part with clothes  for which I still feel a degree of love. As a result, my dressing room is getting precariously tight for my little coterie of clothes …and shoes …and bags…and scarves.


cassandra struthers



I am more aware than ever that life does go through changes and what’s more I see even more clearly that these changes help us to nudge ourselves into a deepening understanding of ourselves and our world, if we allow this.

 There is nothing better than feeling a true sense of yourself coursing through your being.

With this as your backdrop, you can view your day as having  intrinsic meaning whatever you are doing.

There is nothing worse than feeling that everything is meaningless, but sometimes this is the kind of “knot” we have to face and unfurl to get to a “Parabola of Peace”.

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