posted on February 19th, 2016 | in Musings, The Emotional Landscape

Well… They did it.

Cassandra Struthers


These little miracles of winter arrived on my balcony a few days ago amidst blasting winds and driving rain and sleet.


How can they do it, and how can they keep withstanding the atrocity of winter weather?


Look at them; that fine green stalk , sturdy but small leaves and the crowning glory… that elegantly suspended white petalled head which almost breaks your heart with its manifest fragility.


They appear through the earth and softly yet robustly they push their beauty up to stand in gracious humility, knowing their time here is not long, but bowed they are unbowed.


They gleam and tremble and shine out their pearlescent whiteness. Then, having transfixed us with their oh so courageous appearance, in very little time they calmly close into themselves and shrivel down.


What was that all about? How can such bravery and toughness and beauty arrive with such little trumpet to impact our lives with such magicality?


And it is all so natural.


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