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Finding The Sun

Loch Fyne Edinburgh

I woke up this morning full of energy and full of beans and yet I found myself musing how subtle are our moods; in moments we can find ourselves shifting down a few degrees and suddenly we can feel  in a completely different mood; uncertain and very much less than enthusiastic. But I don’t think this is essentially bad.
Oh no? I hear you say.


Recently I was working with a client who was going through a phase of self doubt and confusion about her career path. As we looked at the situation we looked at this from the point of view of learning something new about herself  rather than this being something unpleasant to be overcome. It became clear that she had boxed herself in as a way to feel secure. So she was living her life in terms of “same old, same old”. She was needing to find her freedom, a new way forward, and that meant letting go of the safe walls and seeing them disintegrate. That was the tricky part.

So, back to my point; we don’t go into bad moods or depressive moods for no reason. Somewhere in there is the clue we need so we can be the sunny souls we love to be.

Perhaps there is nothing more frightening than breaking away from the familiar, even though it is holding you back. But we want to be in the sun, and that is often impetus enough for us to rouse ourselves and make some changes. Going with what feels right is always a good step.

As the words in the song go

“Where’s the sunshine? Let the sun shine in”.

(From Hair of course.)

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