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The Gatecrasher

So, one moment all is going along as normal and then within moments, a stranger has entered unannounced.Your party has been gatecrashed and this stranger has taken centre stage. This hasn’t been the first time  this has happened either.



Nine years ago , on Christmas Eve, was the first appearance of this stranger. I remember wrapping up Christmas presents and as I was coming to the end I felt a stabbing pain in my hip. I hobbled to bed promising myself a hot bath in the morning , not realising at that point that I had been gatecrashed.The next morning I still hadn’t quite realised what was happening but after my bath the pain was reaching the crescendo only to be paralleled by the pain of birth giving. I had sciatica. I lay on a sofa with a hot water bottle which helped slightly, but the slightest movement sent searing pain down my leg. My Christmas day, and the rest of Christmas week was ruined.


Finally I found help through deep tissue massage, but how on earth did such a thing just arrive from nowhere? However I was just so thankful to be out of pain that I didn’t conjecture further although I knew that I was going through a lot of stress at the time. I had another little flare -up about a year ago but nothing nearly so painful, and again a bit of massage seemed to do the trick.I was aware again that there was some underlying emotional connection but I soon forgot about it once I felt better.Then ten days ago the uninvited guest appeared again….and this time it was quite bad, although thankfully not so excruciating as that first time. I felt like an eighty year old, hardly being able to bend or sit easily; my yoga moves were out of the question. I had to laugh at myself as I tried to bend over to touch the floor.I found that a little bit of self reflexology eased the discomfort as well as having my daughter press strongly on the part where there was most pain. However not much was happening as regards the departure of this  unwelcome guest but this time I wanted to work with the reason behind these sudden intrusions into my world. I decided to do the one thing I knew how; use the Core Energy Technique. Just as the unconscious shows itself in dreams, so it manifests also in physical illness. Many have talked of this connection between the emotions and the body ,such as Louise Hay or Dr Edward Bach, but it is still a bit of a step too far for the majority. This holistic understanding has not permeated the world of western medicine which deals only in a two dimensional way with the body. Thank fully, I had found a way through to heal myself when working with my skin problem  (How I Got Here) and I decided it was now time to do this with the sciatica.


I lay for one and a half hours going through my technique in relation to the area of pain and applying the Core Energy words. As I worked with this, I started to chart an area of  emotional anguish which paralleled the physical anguish. As I stayed with this other memories came to mind and I kept sending in the naming words of the technique. Afterwards, the pain had not gone but it had decreased and my body felt a bit freer , along with a rise in my energy and spirits. It has been three days now and each day I spend with the technique I am uncovering a “theme” of emotions which has been outpictured in the body. Not only is my body getting better but I have gained yet another step in understanding.



There is this pulse of an integrated reality always thrumming within us and we can connect with it to find a perspective outside of ourselves which is at once our nurse and our teacher.So I have ended up chatting , you could say, with the gatecrasher and have found he has something interesting to bring to the party , though not in a way I expected.



  1. Judith - July 6, 2014

    Just had to comment as I felt a connection,during lunch today the conversation touched on Louise Hay and her belief that the mind can heal the body.Having
    recently read the Intention Experiment,plus The Field by Lynne McTaggart,though
    in the very early stages science is moving to prove we are more than physical beings.
    Have been following your posts with great interest.

  2. Judith - July 6, 2014

    Cassandra,just had to comment,today at lunch we were discussing how the mind can heal the body,one of the books mentioned was Louise Hay.Have you read Lynne McTaggart’s books The Intention Experiment/The Field? maybe physics will prove what many have believed in for years………

  3. Cassandra Struthers - July 6, 2014


    Good to hear your thoughts. I will look at Lynne Mc Taggart . There is nothing so important as putting into action your own inner impulse.
    Go forward with your positive intention always. I did not know what I could win through to until I took those steps propelled by pain.
    Warmest Wishes

  4. Judith - July 7, 2014

    Whoops! sorry for the 2nd post thought I had deleted the first.

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