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Life is not all about Meditation


cassandra struthers


Life is not all about meditation but it bloody helps.


I think I  am attracted to the word “bloody” because it can be really gory when you sit down and face yourself in the mindfulness practice which is  called meditation.


I say life is not all about meditation, which of course is a tongue in cheek statement. When was it ever? However, once you have discovered the habit of meditation, nothing else will suffice. It is the earth to your sun. I am already hearing those illustrious words from The Game of Thrones; “You are the moon of my life “, to which comes the reply, ” You are  my sun and stars”.


Oh the poesy. And this is the secret; one has to open one’s imagination , one’s poetry of mind so to speak so that somehow one reaches beyond the everyday to find answers needed at a level that are not found within the prosaic.


Why “gory”? Because none of us is perfect and when we delve inwards we find things which don’t fit into our pictures of ourselves. It is not nice to see how we have envy or fear or hatred bundled up from our past, cosily nestled into a little corner somewhere inside us. It takes guts not only to face this but to let the awareness of these emotions be recognised. You have to stay strong and resolute and have trust that there is a goodness outside you which makes a greater sense of the world. This is the gutsy bit…. your trust in this good bit.


cramond edinburgh


And trusting in the good bit means something much greater than merely aligning with your narrow self; you are recognising that there is a greater picture. You haven’t quite grasped it but somehow you have a feeling that something worth finding is there just beyond your present grasp. This is the Great Mystery that the Grail beckons you towards.


“Yes I am on my way”


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