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I Met An Angel at John Lewis



JL 150 Years



I was just leaning over to peer the better at something my mother was trying on when something very unexpectedly pranged my forehead and I felt a throbbing pain.  I put my hand up and felt the proverbial egg bump and when I looked at my hand again there was blood on it. It was all so…so…..unexpected.


I felt the possibility of tears pricking my eyes and looked up to see a middle aged woman , with light sandy medium length hair , looking at me from the other side of the offending rail. “There is a trickle of blood” she said and looked at me with great gentleness in her eyes. I remember thinking she was possibly a nurse as she seemed very caring and yet factual. “It was just such a shock “, I said to somehow explain my slightly dramatic  reaction to such a minor event. “I know”, she said smiling. She didn’t make a fuss and say things like oh how awful that it was bleeding and had come up in such a large bump. She just stood there , giving me attention , yet with just the right amount of concern showing me that  she saw it was a shock but it wasn’t the end of the world.I felt myself  become calm and matter of fact; it was just a small thing. She walked off.


I found myself returning to the  memory of the encounter several times  over the next few days and each time I saw those very gentle eyes. It’s a little strange how she just drifted in and then drifted off just at that time. Isn’t that what angels do? After all an angel is someone who comes into your life at just the right time and somehow gives you that extra bit of help. With an unexpected  sincere thoughtfulness  from someone or  a particularly open minded response, you can be impacted quite unexpectedly.


A stranger made an impact on me in an unexpected way; just as I did not expect to be banged on the forehead, so I did not expect to receive a very caring yet balancing input from someone I didn’t know. I received something bad , and then something good to help me deal with it. Over one tiny accident I received a rather special lesson from life.We don’t always have to deal with everything on our own but we are responsible for making the choice towards balance rather than self pity.


You just don’t know where the next extraordinary life lesson is going to come from under the veil of the ordinary.



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