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Is This The Day?

I keep telling myself when I wake up each morning that this is the day .

This is the day that I will move on. This is the day when everything will be fine again.

I am no longer wheezing or coughing and nose blowing. My body is a quieter creature now but it will not let me move on; not quite yet. It is keeping me in the grip of a more fragile ambiance whereby I carry out a task and then have to stop and rest, like a consumptive Victorian lady.

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But I accept that my body is my friend; experience has taught me to respect it and listen to it.

This reminds me of something.

Recently I have found myself fascinated by the American programme, The Dog Whisperer (Cesar Milan), where he shows us that the animal is trying to tell its owner(s )something by its behaviour(especially when it is disruptive in some way). We have to learn how to make sense of the animal’s behaviour by realising it is not an enemy. Also sometimes The Dog Whisperer has his own dog come in to be around the “problem” dog He says it will show us how to deal with the dog.It seems that the answer always is about being calm and leading by example. His dog, because it feels secure, does not react to the other dog’s anxious behaviour, and this  helps the other dog calm down.


So what do we construe from this? Do not go in to the attack; do not try to oppress … none of these behaviours brings about a benign result.


This way of finding  what works is what I have also found makes sense when trying to understand what appear to be problems with my body. It’s about finding the right way “in”; the right way to “read” what is being presented. This can only be done by being calm and non reactive, just like The Dog Whisperer and his dog.

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So what is my body trying to show me? As I said, I now recognise it is my friend. It is not something to be treated as a problem, such as western medicine would make us believe. In other words, it is not something to be bludgeoned into passivity. As The Dog Whisperer shows us, there is a reason to everything and in understanding this we can bring that perspective in order to heal and develop  any situation which is problematic.


Whatever the situation, if you trust yourself you always come to clarity…eventually, and that is a very effective place to be.

  1. Accidental Icon - February 27, 2015

    I really enjoyed this post. It has been very cold in NYC with lots of flu and other illnesses. Subways and overheated spaces are hotbeds and the cold somehow is tiring too. body also said slow, down, stop, warm me up. It was good advice for my psyche as well. Your approach is such a wise one. It is amazing how your life transforms and how little stress you have when you embrace thaw idea that everything is put before you for a reason, as a friend as you so beautifully put it, bringing you an important message.

    Accidental Icon

  2. Cassandra Struthers - May 2, 2015

    Sorry about the late reply. Good to find others who also greet life not as an enemy.

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