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Surprise Splutterings

JANuary detox


A few moments ago I eventually calmed down from a paroxysm of … not laughter, but of bronchial wheezing and cough – spluttering.


This has been my state for the last six days; one of complete drained exhaustion accompanied by these harmonious sound bites of almost panic inducing coughing spasms during which one feels that the non-clearing glut will ultimately block any fresh breath. Perhaps slightly histrionic, but important to get the intensity of the “illness” across.

Yes, I know it’s just a cold, but this has been the worst cold of my entire life. The comfort is that I know others out there are suffering from this particular strain of cold also. Some I believe have even taken things a stage further into pneumonia; now that is dramatic.


Interestingly, this all occurred slap bang in the middle of my two week gluten, yeast and sugar free detox. This had been going well, especially as it had been undertaken by all three of us.

India was the main one in need as she is suffering from a “Yeast Overgrowth” (come Candida) and the nutritionist thought this was the best way to start to treating her condition. The next one to be in need of such a treatment was our in house Crohn’s sufferer, my husband. Apparently,  a no wheat and no sugar diet can bring complete healing to Crohn’s sufferers. It seemed to be working well for him.




For me, the main cook in the household and having been health food aware since the 1970’s , I thought I may as well join in. I was just starting to  feel a greater clarity of energy when the ‘lurgy hit. As in a bulldozer. My energy drained , my throat felt that I was swallowing shattered glass, and then the chest area started to fill up with a glutinous clogging substance leaving me feeling as if I was suffering from Emphysema.

I took to my bed for four days, staggering up for a few hours in the evening to try to keep the cooking regime going.


So today, here I am feeling the end to this phase is in sight and that I can look forward to feeling stronger with each new day. But of course, being me, I want to make sense of the whole event. This means understanding the esoteric ramifications underlying the exoteric presentation; in other words, understanding the cause behind the external symptoms. “Oh it’s just a common cold”, some may bluster.” You bluster at your expense”, I reply sagely. I like to learn from my pain.


Jan Detox


What do I learn  esoterically from my bronchial cold?

First of all, I focus on the area affected, and what is that? The heart of course.

I send my Core Energy Technique into the area … and wait.


Slowly, I relax and  start to become aware of the emotions engaged there at the moment. I keep sending the Core Energy words from my technique into what I am feeling and understanding flows in. I realise why that part of my body has been particularly vulnerable and therefore why it has been more susceptible to illness. As I work on those emotional feelings a bit longer, I feel very clear that I am cleansing out an old vulnerability in my  mental / emotional system. “Thank you illness. You have given me the ability to heal something much more important .”


You see; cause and effect …  at every level. I would have made a great sleuth, if I hadn’t found this area of work instead , which I absolutely love.


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  1. freefalling - January 30, 2015

    What do you think is the area effected by Crohn’s?

  2. Cassandra Struthers - January 30, 2015

    From the way my husband’s bowels have settled, and his energy levels have improved, it seems that more naturally assimilated foodstuff ( no wheat, no sugar) must be easier for the gut to deal with. I have little other personal knowledge on this subject. C

  3. Judith Morrell - February 5, 2015

    Hope you are feeling more comfortable,a most horrible virus.

  4. Cassandra Struthers - February 5, 2015

    Thank you Judith….glad you know about this. This has been the worst thing I have come across on an every day level. However, there has also been the esoteric level ( the deep inner understanding) which I mentioned.
    Every physical illness is an out picturing of this deeper level. Illness, I think, always gives us space to re-assess our every day take on our reality. Our sensitivity is our strength.

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